On making plans.

I’m not one of those people who plans out everything. I tend to do things on a whim…enrolling in a BA program after a long absence from school, adopting a dog, heck, even getting married (though we ended up being engaged for a year). This has usually worked well for me. I finished my BA with great grades, my dog has now been a part of our family for four years, and my husband and I just celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary.

The one part of my life where my lack of planning has been a severe hindrance has been my fitness, weight, and health. My lack of planning has resulted in too many dinners eaten out and not enough regular exercise. The results have been less than desirable. I’m now back to a weight that I vowed only a few years ago to never come back to. Though I’m not completely out of shape, I know my fitness can be greatly improved. So here I am; planning how I can make my body the best version of itself. It’s going to take time, discipline, keeping a positive attitude, and lots of planning.

This blog is intended to help me stay motivated and accountable by sharing the journey I take to improve my health, lose the extra weight, and improve my fitness.


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