Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday all! Last week started off with the best of intentions to get in all of my daily exercise, but unfortunately, as it sometimes happens, life got in the way and interrupted things. Oops.

In between dealing with car issues, an emergency vet visit for my dog (he’s fine, silly pug ate a bee!), and realizing that laundry and other household stuff had to be taken care of because I was going to be out of town all weekend, I ended up not working out as much as I intended. I did manage to get in a few though, and that’s better than none!

Workouts – Week of June 2nd 

Monday: 60 minute bike ride + 15 minute lunch-time run

Thursday: 30 minute Daily Burn Workout

Saturday: 60 minute walk

Sunday: 40 minute run @ Sacramento Women’s Fitness Festival

On the nutrition front, I ended up eating out way too many days because of all the stuff that was going on and because last weekend I didn’t get to the grocery store and prep stuff for the week. I ended up getting home pretty late yesterday and didn’t get a chance to go grocery shopping. I’m hoping that doesn’t end up throwing a wrench into my entire week again. I WILL get to the grocery store tonight!

How about you? How do you fit eating right and exercising into your week when life throws you a curveball?


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