Sucking at Weekly Recaps and Upcoming Adventure

Last week, when I posted my microadventure write-up, I realized it had been FOREVER since I did a weekly recap of my workouts. Geez.

Last week’s workouts weren’t much to write about. I bike commuted to and from work 4 days. On Wednesday, the husband and I headed up to Healdsburg on our bikes to have dinner. We ended up riding about 22 miles round-trip. I also managed to run a couple of days in preparation for running the Independence Day 5k . I’m hoping I can beat my time from last month’s Sacramento Women’s Fitness Festival 5k. This is a fun event that I’ve done in the past. The course is flat and winds through Chico’s Bidwell Park. This is the 2nd run in the 4-part race series that is put on by the Chico Running Club. I’m planning to run all 4 races and get a sweet CRC jacket in the process.

So, yeah. That’s a pretty sucky weekly recap. I promise, I’m going to get back on the recap train next Monday!

My other big news this week is that I am headed up to the mountains after the Independence Day 5k to backpack, fish (for the 1st time!), and explore a new-to-me area of the northern Sierra. I won’t say exactly where I’m going yet, but I’m planning to do about 22 miles over 3 days; not a big mileage trip, so it’ll be nice to take the time to enjoy and explore the area. I’ll definitely have a write-up about the trip next week, sometime.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.11.11 AM


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