21 Day Fix – Week 2 Recap

Well, week 2 of my 21 day fix experiment is over. Not a lot to report so I’ll keep this brief. Things are going well. I lost another pound this week and my tummy and other parts of my body continue to become tighter and smaller.

The workouts were a little easier this week, well, maybe not easier, but I wasn’t as sore or exhausted as I was in the first week.

The eating side of the experiment is going well. I’ve tweaked a few things based on how I felt the first week. I cut way back on the amount of fruit the plan says I should eat because in the first week it was making me feel shaky and lightheaded. Too much sugar/fructose, I think. My PCOS body can’t handle it. I’ve basically replaced the fruit portions with healthy fats. More avocado, flax seed, and nut butters. I feel more satisfied when I eat more fat so it’s been a good change. I had one night that ended up being crazy and while I did get in a workout, the husband and I caved and ordered pizza. It was delicious and I have zero regrets about eating it.

Week 3 is underway and I’m interested to see what the last week brings.


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