2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge starts tomorrow!

A couple of weeks back, I re-posted the rules for this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge that is put on by MaryG of the very awesome cycling-centric blog, Chasing Mailboxes.

In case you didn’t read that post, the Coffeeneuring Challenge is a 7-week long cycling endeavor. Essentially, you cycle to 7 different local coffee spots over the course of 7 weekends. There are a bunch of rules, but the most important are that the rides must be at least two miles, you can only ride to one coffee shop per day, and the rides can be done only on the weekends (though there are exceptions to this last rule).

I first heard about this challenge last year, but unfortunately, I found out about it too late. Loving both bikes and coffee, I knew that this was a challenge I had to participate in, and marked it on my calendar for the following year. Well, the wait is finally over! In early September, MaryG posted the date that this year’s challenge would start, and I began making plans.

The challenge starts in October 4, and this year, October has turned out to be a very busy month for me. I am going to be out of town 3 of the 7 weekends of the challenge, and while there is a rule exception for vacations, I wanted to employ that exception only once. I knew that I would need to be a little creative.

Sonoma County is home to many fine coffee establishments. As I began to plan which spots I wanted to ride to, I had a plethora of choices to choose from. I knew that I wanted to ride only to coffee shops that I had never visited before and that I wanted one of my rides to include a Coffee Shop Without Walls (basically, ride to an outdoor location where you brew your own coffee).

After much debating, I finally came up with a schedule of the coffee shops I plan to visit for the Challenge. All of these shops are spots I have not visited previously, with the exception of the stop for October 11.

  1. 10/4 10/5: Atlas Coffee in Santa Rosa, CA
  2. 10/11: Tin Roof Bakery in Chico, CA (a must-stop whenever I visit Chico)
  3. 10/18: Coffee Shop Without Walls – Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa, CA
  4. 10/22: Redwood Cafe in Cotati, CA Holy Roast Cafe in Santa Rosa, CA (employing the vacation exception here and am completing this on a weekday because I am on vacation the weekend of the 24th)
  5. 11/1: Empire Coffee in Chico, CA
  6. 11/8: Tiny Town Cafe in Forestville, CA
  7. 11/15: SHED in Healdsburg, CA

I will be doing a short write-up for each coffeeneuring visit to satisfy the requirements of the Challenge. I hope you enjoy the coffee and cycling adventures to come! Also, let me know if you’re planning to participate in the Challenge. I’d love to follow your adventures too!


2 thoughts on “2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge starts tomorrow!

  1. Hi Rosie – love your strategy! I did something similar for the Errandonnee Challenge last year and that worked out great. I’ve started this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge — I’ll Tweet with the #coffeeneuring hashtag but full writes will be on my blog: velovoice.blogspot.co.uk. Looking forward to reading all about yours!

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