Coffeeneuring #1: Atlas Coffee Company

Sunday, October 5: Atlas Coffee Company, 300 S A Street, Suite 4, Santa Rosa, CA

Near downtown Santa Rosa, there is a super cute, up and coming neighborhood that is called the SOFA (South of A Street) district. This little neighborhood is home to several art galleries, one of my favorite restaurants, The Spinster Sisters, and a coffee spot that I’d heard a lot about, but had never had the pleasure of visiting, Atlas Coffee Company. Early on Sunday morning, in an effort to beat the unseasonably warm temperatures the North Bay has been experiencing (predicted at about 90 that day) I set out to finally visit Atlas and sample the coffee I’d heard a lot about. Atlas is situated off the street, down a short alley. Its location would have been easy to miss, had it not been for 2 small signs on the sidewalk.

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Rolling down the alley, I noticed a strip of whimsical illustrations along a concrete planter. A nice nod to the neighborhood’s designation as an art district.


Atlas Coffee Company occupies the back portion of the building and the front of the shop’s entrance is set-up as a patio with plenty of seating. I parked my bike against a wall, and considering the off-street location of the shop and the fact that I planned to sit outside, I felt my bike would be safe without locking it up.


There was a bike rack on the patio, but I didn’t notice it until I was already ordering. As I walked into Atlas, I noticed a high-end road bike parked inside the shop. All in all, I’d say this little shop was very bike friendly. I ordered an almond milk Cafe au Lait and enjoyed it outside while reading the local weekly alternative newspaper.


The drink was delicious. Atlas uses Intelligentsia coffee and brews it as a pour-over. Reasonably priced, too. I don’t think I was charged extra for the almond milk. After about an hour, I headed home, enjoying the solitude of the roads and the crunch of my tires over the leaves littering the streets. Fall really is here!

Total mileage for the day: 11.2 miles. You can check out my Stava for this ride here.


4 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring #1: Atlas Coffee Company

  1. Oh! Rose! I didn’t know that you lived in Santa Rosa… 🙂 Is that where you live? I absolutely adore Santa Rosa. That’s where my grandparents used to live, and I loved going to visit. I’ve heard it’s changed a lot since I was little but I bet it’s still great. 🙂

    • Yes, I do live in Santa Rosa! Small world! Yeah, it’s definitely changed. When was the last time you visited? I grew up about 40 minutes north of Santa Rosa and still remember what it was like when I was a little kid 30 years ago; much less crowded and congested. I do love it here though. It’s just the right size for me, not too small but definitely not a big city. Close to both the ocean and the mountains, great food and wine, lots of open spaces, etc., etc.

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