Coffeeneuring #2 – Tin Roof Bakery

Saturday, October 11: Tin Roof Bakery, 627 Broadway St., Chico, CA

This past weekend, I was in Chico, CA for the Sierra-Oro Passport Weekend and a quarter marathon trail race (more on that later this week). Rather than try to employ rule #17 of the official Coffeeneuring Challenge rules, I brought my bike with me on my trip. Having the opportunity to cycle through Chico on a fall morning was something that I did not want to miss! Chico is a very bike friendly community. The small size of the city, a plethora of quiet, tree-lined streets, and a bike path that cuts across almost the entire city makes for a great cycling experience.

When I was planning which coffee spots I would visit while in Chico (I’ll be back there again in a few weeks), Tin Roof Bakery was at the top of my list. While I mainly tried to include only shops I had not visited before, I made an exception for this wonderful bakery. It is, by far, my favorite coffee and pastry place in town. Their baked goods, both savory and sweet, are consistantly wonderful, and their coffee is always delicious. This, paired with a cute location, outside seating, and friendly staff, make it a must-visit for me, every time I’m in town.

For this coffeeneuring adventure, the husband decided to join me. We set out from my brother-in-law’s home early on Saturday morning. We quickly hopped on to the bike path and rode it to where it ends on the Esplanade, a main north-south thoroughfare.

A quick aside: Though the Esplanade is a main road through Chico, the way it was designed makes it incredibly bike friendly. It features two main traffic lanes (one in each direction) and two frontage roads. The frontage roads make for easy bike riding and allows cyclists to avoid the traffic of the busier lanes. In addition to the bike-friendly design of the Esplanade, this street is absolutely wonderful to walk or cycle through because, like most of Chico, it is densely lined with trees. In the fall, the leaves fall and swirl through the air and cycling through them and crunching over them is pretty damned magical!

From the bike path, it was a quick ride down the Esplanade to downtown Chico where Tin Roof Bakery is located. The bakery has plenty of bike racks in the front of the shop to safely lock your bike to. Shortly after we locked up, another couple arrived via bicycle and quietly locked up their cruisers next to us. All-in-all, a very bike friendly location!


Once inside, the husband and I eyed the cases of baked goods, pastry, and bread.




Though I would normally opt for Tin Roof’s delicious Almond Croissant, I knew that I needed something a little more substantial to get me through a morning of wine tasting. I ordered the Mushroom and Sausage Quiche and an iced coffee. The husband decided against any pastry and instead, indulged in a white chocolate mocha. After a few minutes, our drinks and my warmed quiche were ready and we headed outside to sit on the patio.


View of our bikes from our patio table.

View of our bikes from our patio table.

The morning was sunny and warm and we enjoyed our treats and some great conversation as we watched a sleepy downtown wake-up. Being that I was due to meet my parents for our wine adventure, we had to say good-bye to Tin Roof Bakery far too soon. We headed back toward my brother-in-law’s home, once again riding through the fall leaves and the still-quiet Esplanade.

Leaving downtown Chico via the Esplanade.

Leaving downtown Chico via the Esplanade.

Total mileage for the day: 4.9 miles. My Strava for this ride can be found here.

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