Team Tough Chik


Last year, while reading through running and cycling blogs, I stumbled across a reference to Team Tough Chik. After a bit of googling, I was intrigued by the idea of an athletic team for all women, whether they are just starting out or are a seasoned athlete. Since I have few people in my life who are into physical/athletic endeavors, becoming a part of a team of women who are pursuing similar activities and whom I could talk with about the minutiae of these sports, seemed like a really great thing to get involved with. By the time I found out about Team Tough Chik last year though, it was already too late to join and I would have to wait until the 2015 team sign-ups opened.

Well, after a year of waiting, the registration for the 2015 team is finally open! To join the team you have to do 3 things: buy a piece of Team Tough Chik gear (which starts at just $20, less than the cost of a race entry!), race at least one event in your team gear, and post photos and share your experiences through social media.

Of course, I immediately made my gear purchase (a running singlet and a cycling jersey)! I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this community of amazing women from around the world. I’m already formulating my race calendar for 2015 and am looking forward to racing as part of Team Tough Chik!

Interested in joining? Visit the Team Tough Chik page to learn more. Registration is open until November 15.


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