Coffeeneuring in a train car and the return of weekly workout recaps

Many apologies for the lateness of this post! Between dealing with my TMJ symptoms, fighting off a cold and dealing with my dog contracting Kennel Cough (after the first and last time we ever board him, ugh!) I haven’t had the energy to sit down and write. Since it’s now Wednesday, I figured I should get to it. Better late than never, right?

Coffeeneuring #5: Saturday, November 1, Empire Coffee, 434 Orange St., Chico, CA

Last weekend I was in Chico, yet again, for the last run in the Chico Running Club’s 2014 Race Series. On Saturday morning, I made the 25 minute drive into town from my in-law’s place up in the foothills above Chico and had my husband drop me, and my trusty Trek, off in downtown. I’m suffering from a TMJ flare-up and having had not much relief for the previous 5 days, I decided acupuncture might help. I visited my old acupuncturist for a treatment (thanks to Michelle @ Pinwheel Acupuncture) that was incredibly helpful and provided relief almost immediately. After my appointment, I cycled slowly down the tree-lined and fallen leaf littered streets of downtown for a few blocks to the Chico Fleet Feet store to pick-up my race packet for Sunday’s 5k run. After a bit of confusion and going over records, the race folks realized that I had double registered. Doh! I guess I’ve registered for so many races this year that I don’t even remember signing-up for this race back in late summer. After sorting out the double-registration and picking up my bib and t-shirt, I headed out for a much needed caffeinated beverage.

Leaving Fleet Feet, I cycled down W. 3rd St. and through Chico State University’s frat and sorority row. Since the previous day had been Halloween, it was particularly entertaining to ride through this neighborhood. In my short ride, I spotted passed out revelers on the front lawn of a frat house, many smashed pumpkins, young ladies carrying trash bags full of cans and bottles, and more than a few folks still in costume, heading home on foot. Leaving frat row, I noticed that none of the cross streets were signed and I ended up over-shooting my destination by one street. I turned around and cycled one block over to arrive at an old train car, turned coffee shop, located, fittingly, in front of the Amtrak station.


Empire Coffee is housed in a 1947 empire builder train car, just West of downtown Chico. There were bike racks at both ends of the train car, and when I arrived, several were already taken up by other patrons.


As I walked into Empire Coffee, I couldn’t help but smile. What’s not to love about a coffee shop inside a train car? The inside of the shop was eclectic and funky with a laid-back vibe. Seating was a bit limited, but not sparse, and there was plenty of room to move around.


I ordered an Aztec Mocha and sat down in one of the original train seats to wait for my drink. I sat back, enjoying the post-acupuncture relaxation I was still experiencing and soon, my drink was up. The Aztec Mocha was a delicious, spicy concoction of chocolate, cayenne pepper, espresso, and milk. Not too sweet, just a little bit spicy, and absolutely delicious!


I enjoyed my drink but being a bit pressed for time, I didn’t have much time to hang-out and enjoy the funky train car atmosphere for too long. I exited the old train car and emerged into the sunny, but still crisp morning, and cycled a few blocks down the road to meet up with my husband.

I just barely squeaked by the distance requirement for this coffeeneuring ride. Total mileage: 2.2 miles. Here’s my Strava for this ride.


Just a quick recap of last week’s workouts:

Monday: none – this was a traveling day for me and I didn’t get home until late that evening.

Tuesday: 21 Day Fix – Total Cardio Fix, 6 mile bike ride

Wednesday: 10 mile bike ride

Thursday: 1 hour yoga

Friday: 6 mile bike ride

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 5k Race (PR’d my time again!)


4 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring in a train car and the return of weekly workout recaps

    • It’s a pretty cool place. I haven’t seen too many train cars turned into coffeeshops or diners in California but I had a chance to visit a few when my brother was going to school on the east coast. Pretty neat to find this in Chico.

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