Coffeeneuring #6 & Weekly Workout Recap

Coffeeneuring #6: 11/9/14 – Peet’s Coffee, 2500 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, CA

On Sunday I set out in the late afternoon for my sixth Coffeeneuring ride. I had originally planned to head out on a longish ride, out to Western Sonoma County, but the weekend completely got away from me and, after realizing that it was 3pm on Sunday afternoon, I figured I needed to set my sites on a coffee shop that was much closer.

I live off of a main north-south through-fare in Santa Rosa, so I headed south on said road to the nearest Peet’s Coffee. The afternoon was quickly winding down, and though the day had been a warm one, it was quickly becoming cool. Riding through minimal traffic, the husband and I made it down to Peet’s in about 15 minutes.

I spied 2 bikes racks, one on either end of the coffee shop, but rather than lock up at one of the racks, we simply parked our bikes on the patio of Peet’s Coffee. We decided to not even lock-up the bikes on the patio, so the husband stayed outside to keep an eye on them while I placed our order.

Soon, our drinks were up (iced hibiscus tea for me, white chocolate mocha for him).


We sat outside, enjoying cloudy blue skies and the last of the afternoon, discussing physics and the scientific accuracy of the movie Intersteller, which we had watched the previous night.



Since it is now getting dark at 5:30 p.m., we decided to hit the road around 5pm so that we wouldn’t get caught in the dark.

We rode home under striking pink skies, and made it home (after a quick stop at the grocery store) just a bit after dark.


Though this was a great little trip, with some wonderful company, I was a little bummed that I didn’t get in a longer ride. Oh well, there’s always next week!

Total mileage: 8 miles. You can see my Strava for this ride here, though I forgot to turn it on on the way to the shop, so it only tracked my distance from the shop back to my house (after a quick stop at the grocery store).


Workout Recap – 11/3-11/9

Monday: 30 minute total cardio workout, 6 mile bike ride

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 30 minute leg workout, 12 mile bike ride

Thursday: 30 minute total cardio workout

Friday: rest

Saturday: nothing (exercise fail!)

Sunday: 8 mile bike ride


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