Coffeeneuring #7 – The Final Ride

The last few days, I’ve been fighting off some kind of stomach bug, which has left me feeling pretty un-motivated to do much of anything outside. I had planned to cycle north on Sunday to visit one of my favorite Wine Country towns, Healdsburg, but I really couldn’t muster up much energy to do a long ride. Sadly, my first Coffeeneuring year ended on a whimper, rather than with a bang. Sad indeed.

Coffeeneuring #7: Sunday, November 16, $tarbuck$ Coffee, 4745 Old Redwood Hwy., Santa Rosa, CA

For my last Coffeeneuring ride, I ended up visiting my neighborhood $tarbuck$. I don’t usually patronize chains (I prefer instead to support local businesses) but this was the nearest coffee joint that satisfied the Coffeeneuring rules.

Pulling up to the shop, I immediately noticed a lack of bike racks. Luckily there was a sign post that did a good enough job of standing in for a proper rack. Definitely not a very bike-friendly location.


Walking inside, the shop was surprisingly full for a weekend afternoon and only one table remained. It was near the front door, but far enough back that it didn’t provide a view of our bicycles. The area that the shop is in is a fairly safe neighborhood, though, so I wasn’t too worried about theft.

The husband and I enjoyed an adequate, though nothing special, cup of coffee (cafe au lait for me and white chocolate mocha for him) and a sub-par slice of gingerbread.


I guess I’m not really surprised at the lack of quality being pushed out by the mega coffee chain, but still, at over $10 for two drinks and two slices of bread, I was definitely disappointed. I definitely won’t be patronizing another $tarbuck$ anytime soon.

Total mileage: Just a bit over 2 miles taking the long way home. I completely forgot to turn on Strava, but I did get a distance estimate via Google Maps.


5 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring #7 – The Final Ride

  1. Sometimes it’s good to go to places like Starbucks to be reminded of why I don’t go there very much. Sorry this was the last ride of the challenge, but it sounds like you had others that were better on a variety of levels. Oh, and congratulations on completing the 2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge! I’ve really enjoyed following your posts.

    • Thanks for the kind words, MG! I really enjoyed completing the challenge this year, and I look forward to next year’s Coffeeneuring adventure! Oh, and totally agree that the Starbucks visit was a good reminder for why I don’t visit mega chains very often. There’s so much good coffee available where I live, I just don’t understand the devotion that Starbucks inspires in people around here.

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