Can’t stop, won’t stop


I’ve been pretty quiet these last few weeks but, BUT, I have a good excuse, I swear. I’ve been running non-stop!

Earlier this year when I set a goal of completing 14 races in 2014, I didn’t anticipate that I would be out for almost 2 months due to surgery, and that I wasn’t going to be totally recovered and back to my pre-surgery running pace until almost 4 months later. I thought about modifying my goal to account for all that lost time, but, well, I’m stubborn. Very stubborn. “I’m going to complete my goal, even if it kills me,” I thought. Ok, maybe not kills me, but definitely makes my life much crazier.

Since just before Thanksgiving, I’ve had, and have, a race every.single.weekend. Yikes. It’s definitely exhausting, but the end is in sight! While I originally wanted to do a recap of every single race, I honestly don’t have the time to do that, what with all of the holiday hustle and bustle that’s happening right now. I’ll likely just roll out a single post recapping all of the races I’ve run in the last couple of months.

What about you? Is your holiday season packed with races too?


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