Un-slothing my week or my weekly workout wrap-up

After all of the holiday mayhem that stretched from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, I’m finally getting back to daily workouts.

I started the 21 Day Fix program again as a way to jump back into a daily workout/healthy eating routine for the new year. I just finished week 1 and feel great! I’m definitely not as sore or tired as the first time I did the program. Here is the list of workouts I did last week:

Monday: Total Body Cardio Fix (30 minutes), 25-minute walk

Tuesday: Upper Fix (30 minutes)

Wednesday: Lower Fix (30 minutes), 50 minute walk

Thursday: Pilates Fix (30 minutes)

Friday: Cardio Fix (30 minutes)

Saturday: Dirty 30 Fix (30 minutes)

Sunday: Yoga Fix (30 minutes), 45 minute hike

In December, I bought myself a Fitbit in the hopes that I will remember to move around more throughout the day. Being a 9-5 desk-worker, I know that I don’t move around as much as I should. So far, I feel like it’s helping me to be more mindful about getting up more often, taking walks during lunch, etc., but there’s definitely room for improvement. I have a 10,000 steps/day goal, and I’m only hitting it a few times a week. I definitely want to get to the point where I’m hitting that goal every.single.day.

This week, I’m continuing with the 21 Day Fix. I am also going to bike commute at least 2x this week. I need to address some minor maintenance issues on my Trek before I ride it again. I keep putting off doing the work so I didn’t bike at all last week. I WILL get this done tonight!


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