Workouts and Injury

Last week was 1000x better on the workout front. I’ve been feeling a lot better, much less tired, and I was able to be active more last week then I had been in the past two weeks. I started off the week strong and kept it pretty consistent until Thursday. Monday – 2 mile run, 60 minute walk Tuesday – 45 minute bike commute Wednesday – 45 minute bike commute Thursday – 45 minute bike commute Friday – rest Saturday – rest, light stretching Sunday – 20 mile bike ride I’d been having a nagging pain in my thigh for a few days, and after worrying about what it might be, I saw the Dr. on Friday. He quickly diagnosed me with hip bursitis. Ugh. That means no high impact or repetitive activity for 4-6 weeks. Running is definitely out. Big, strenuous hikes are out. Cycling, maybe, is also out. So yeah. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to modify my activities in order to stay active. I’m thinking yoga and long, easy walks are in the books for the next month. I have an arsenal of stretches that I am going to be doing twice a day for the next 4 weeks. Between rest, stretching, and OTC inflammatory meds, I’m hoping to be back to my normal, pain-free self in a few weeks. I’ve also made an appointment with my acupuncturist. My Dr. mentioned that it’s a good complementary therapy to help with the symptoms, and I’ve had great results with acupuncture for other issues. On Sunday, despite the bursitis, I participated in the Tour de Ed bike ride. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard on my bursitis, considering the course is flat and short. I mistakenly rode my road bike and got caught up in pedaling much more aggressively than I should have. By the time I got home on Sunday, my thigh was on fire. Lesson learned. No overly enthusiastic bike riding for a while. I’m going to take a week off from the bike and then start back with some short, leisurely rides (on my hybrid, not my road bike), just in time for Errandoneering, a cycling challenge that starts in March.


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