2015 #Coffeeneuring Challenge starts this week!

There’s nothing like a good cycling related challenge to reawaken this long dormant blog!

October 3 marks the beginning of this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge, hosted by MG of the awesome blog Chasing Mailboxes. If you’re new to the whole Coffeeneuring thing, it’s essentially a 7-week challenge wherein you ride to 7 different coffee spots. You can check out this post for all the rules.

If you read my blog during last year’s challenge, you might remember that I had planned all 7 of my coffee shop visits before the challenge even began (even though I didn’t always end up sticking to the plan)! This year, I’m throwing caution to the wind and approaching the challenge with no plan whatsoever. I will be out of town several times during the 7 weeks of the challenge, which is mostly why I am not planning ahead. We’ll see how that goes.

One of the reasons why I love this challenge, besides the fact that it combines bike riding with coffee (two things I love), is that it provides a good opportunity to explore around my town/county. In this vein, I’m planning to only visit new-to-me coffee spots. I’m excited to see what awesome places I discover through this challenge.

So, who else is joining in on the caffeinated cycling fun? Let me know in the comments if you’re taking on the challenge. I’d love to follow along on your adventures if you’re blogging/instagramming/tweeting about it!

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