Running with Sasquatch

Sasquatch-Racing-logo-300x300-2Last month, I ran my very first race of the year – The Rattlesnake Ramble. It was an awesome run out at Lake Chabot  in the East Bay. The course was interesting and challenging and the pre- and post-run festivities were upbeat and just plain fun! And really, any run that offers delicious, locally brewed adult beverages after the race is awesome in my book.

At this point, I’ve run enough races to have seen it all (bad, good, and great) and I have to say, I was totally enamored with the good vibes, quirkiness, and fun of the Rattlesnake Ramble. I was so stoked, in fact, that when I read that Sasquatch Racing put out a call for ambassadors, I immediately threw my hat in the ring to be considered. Now, I’m usually not the kind of person to try and sell people on products or companies, but I just loved the vibes of this race so much that I wanted to tell everyone about it! Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to become a Sasquatchador!

Sasquatch Racing puts on a series of races each year, and I’m planning to do them all. Next up is the Sasquatch Scramble on April 17. The race looks awesome! It’s being held out at the gorgeous Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland hills. I’ve hiked in this park before, and I’m really looking forward to running on the trails through the beautiful redwood forest.

The race is going to feature three different courses, 5k/10k/half and will include all of the awesome perks that are standard with a Sasquatch Racing event – technical tee, post-run beverages and snacks, and woodallions for the 5k/10k finishers and medallions for the half-marathoners! The schwag isn’t the only thing that makes Sasquatch Racing events so awesome though. The race also includes a trail treasure hunt and an appearance by Sassy the Sasquatch! After not having scored any of the treasure during the Rattlesnake Ramble, I’m really hoping I have better luck this time.

I’ve signed up to run the 5k course for this race and if you’re a NorCal local, I hope you’ll come out to run it too.  If you want to register, the awesome folks at Sasquatch Racing have offered my readers a $10 discount on the race. Just enter the code SASSY. Don’t wait too long, prices increase on March 31st!


All bikes all the time!

May is National Bike Month and in the spirit of bike month and the fact that it’s now officially cycling weather, I’ve been doing a ton of bike related stuff. Actually, that’s about the only active thing I’ve been doing! Oops, guess I’m a little obsessed at the moment.

At the start of May, I joined the Team Bike Challenge as part of both a team and my company. I’m tracking all of my commuting miles and so far have bike commuted about 140 miles.

In early May, the San Francisco Bay Area celebrated Bike to Work Day. It is a great event that encourages people to try bike commuting. All of the bay area counties participate by setting up energizer stations throughout their counties. The energizer stations handout free breakfast and swag bags, because, hey, who doesn’t love free stuff! Even for a regular bike commuter like me, Bike to Work Day is a fun event and the extra little goodies are a nice way to make the morning commute a little more fun.


Riding into the Prince Gateway Park

Energizer station hosted by REI and the Bicycle Czar.

Energizer station hosted by REI and the Bicycle Czar.


Fruit, pancakes, coffee, and Swag bag perk up an otherwise routine morning commute!

Fruit, pancakes, coffee, and Swag bag perk up an otherwise routine morning commute!

My trusty Trek taking a break while I inhale some delicious pancakes.

My trusty Trek taking a break while I inhale some delicious pancakes.

Catching the rising sun on my way to work.

Catching the sun rising over Sonoma Mountain on my ride to work.

Along with my regular bike commuting and fun rides this month I also participated in the Sonoma County Backroads Challenge. I’m going to do a full write-up on the Challenge in the next day or so, but for now I’ll just say that it was definitely a challenge!

So, did you try bike commuting this month or during Bike to Work Day?

Bike to Work Day is coming!



May is National Bike Month, and where I live, May 8th is Bike to Work Day. Commuting by bike has become one of my favorite things. It’s a great workout, and riding to work on two-wheels really changes my attitude for the rest of the day. I’ve noticed that I’m much less cranky or sluggish if I ride my bike to work. I’m sure my co-workers are thankful for that!

I know a lot of people think that bike commuting is something they could never do, and many cite reasons ranging from safety (“riding a bike in traffic is really unsafe”) to hygiene (“but, I’ll be all sweaty when I get to work”) to practical considerations (“how do I carry the stuff I need to take with me on a bike?”), as to why they can’t do it. Honestly though, while these are all things that should be considered, they shouldn’t be an excuse to not commute to work by bike. Next week, I’m planning to write a post about my commute and how I deal with all of these issues, so stay tuned!

So, back to Bike to Work Day. I’m super excited to take part in this great event! It’s an awesome opportunity for people to try commuting by bike for the first time, and it makes the commute extra special for those that do it frequently. Many cities put on special events for Bike to Work Day, and in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, Energizer Stations will be set-up along popular cycling routes all of the Bay Area. The stations will feature free coffee/breakfast treats and SWAG bags. And, well, like most everyone, I do love me some free SWAG!

Look for my write-up on Bike to Work Day on Friday, as well as my very late write-up of the Chico Wildflower Century Ride I did back in April.

Until then…have you ever tried commuting by bike? Are you planning to join in on the Bike to Work Day fun this year?