Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride #1: Lazy Sunday Neighborhood Ride

Sunday marked the completion of my first coffeeneuring ride this year!

Not wanting to stray too far from home, I decided to take the long route to my neighborhood coffee joint. Living in Sonoma County, there is no lack of scenic country roads to ride, and my neighborhood doesn’t disappoint in this respect.

Gratuitous shot of a SoCo country road/vineyard.

Gratuitous shot of a typical SoCo country road.

Several hot, windy miles later, I arrived at Blue Beagle Coffee and promptly ordered an icy beverage to help cool me down. Blue Beagle is located in a strip-mall style shopping center about a mile from my home. Sadly, the shopping center doesn’t have any dedicated bike parking and i ended up pulling my bike up to the front of the shop, tucking it behind one of the outdoor tables. Thankfully, the shop has big picture windows, and I was able to keep an eye on my bike while I ordered my beverage.



I enjoyed my drink outside while watching the comings and goings of the shopping center patrons, and after a while, made the short trip back home. All-in-all, a great first coffeeneuring ride of the season. Check out my Strava for this ride, here.

The details

Where: Blue Beagle Coffee, Santa Rosa, CA

When: 10/4/2015

Drink: Peachy Green Iced Tea

Mileage: 8.5 miles, round trip


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